Me with Dr Lee Our head instructor is Sensei Jason Reinders. Reinders Sensei teaches a variety styles of martial arts such as Judo, Jujitsu, Ninjitsu, Sogo  Ryu Bujutsu, Progressive Self Defense, and Women’s Self Defense. Reinders Sensei started martial arts at age 8 in Togakure Ryu Ninjitsu at the Robert Busseys Warrior International Training Academy under Mr. Dave Joeben. At age 12 he started Judo under Dr Lee (8th Degree Blackbelt) at OPS Judo Club. At age 14 Reinders Sensei started USJA Jujitsu with Dr Lee in addition to his Judo training. Dr Lee’s personal friend and instructor was O’Sensei Phil Porter (10th degree blackbelt) and because of this, Reinders Sensei was privileged to attend numerous seminars and personal instruction from O’Sensei Porter. Reinders Sensei trained under Dr Lee until he retired in 1999. Reinders Sensei received his Shodan (1st degree blackbelt) in 1997 and Nidan (2nd degree blackbelt) in 1999 from Dr Lee. In 2001, he started teaching and traveling to attend and teach seminars. In 2007 Reinders Sensei was inducted into the USMAA International Hall of Fame. From 1992 – 1997 Reinders Sensei, along with a large number of OPS & OTJC students, traveled through Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, South Dakota, and Colorado competing in Judo several times a month and gaining some of the greatest knowledge and experience of his career. Reinders Sensei is currently a 4th degree blackbelt in both Judo and Japanese Jujitsu. In 2005 Reinders Sensei combined his knowledge of all martial arts systems and created what is now called Progressive Self Defense. Reinders Sensei is currently a member of International Combat Arts Federation (ICAF), United States Martial Arts Association (USMAA), and the USA Judo. Currently he is a certified instructor, certified rank examiner, regional referee, and National Level USA Judo Coach. Currently he  sits as Treasurer for Nebraska Judo Inc, member of the promotions committee for Nebraska Judo Inc, and President of the Board for Team Sempai Inc Non Profit Organizations.
“I have had the privilege and honor of training with some of the highest rank and most respected instructors in the world like O’Sensei Porter, Makoid Sensei, Master Pepin, Robert Bussey, Jeremy Horn, and Dr Delo Lee who is my mentor, my Sensei and close friend. I wouldn’t trade one bruise, break, or drop of blood if it meant losing any experience I gained from these great men” – Jason Reinders

Dr. Lee  is our Head Rank Examiner and Senior Instructor for Sempai Judo Academy. Lee Sensei taught Judo until 1999 when he retired. He ran several very successful Judo clubs in Nebraska and Iowa. Between all his clubs he had over 300 active students enrolled and learning Judo in 12 different clubs. He started teaching Judo as a physical education program at Burke High School in 1992 where he was also a biology teacher. In May 2013 he honored us with joining our academy as the Head Rank Exminer and Senior Instructor. He currenlty teaches clinics and part time classes at our academy. He has over 60 years experience in the martial arts with 50 years in Judo and Jujitsu. Reinders Sensei has begged, peaded, and offer to change the academy name to Dr Lee’s Academy of Judo in order to get him to teach full time again; however, Lee Sensei enjoys his retirement and family time so we are gracious and honored to have him in any capacity any time. Lee Sensei is a Hachidan in both Judo and Jujitsu and Master Rank Examiner.

image1-1 Mr. Leo Inayama is an instructor and coach at Sempai Judo Academy with 15 years experience in Judo. Mr. Inayama started training judo at age 3 at the Kodokan in Tokyo Japan where he trained until attending high school at Toin Gakuen High School. He trained and competed until August 2016 when he transferred to the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Inayama is a Nidan (2nd degree black belt) in Judo awarded by the Kodokan.



Mr. Skyler Steinke is an instructor and certified coach with over 20 years in martial arts experience. Mr. Steinke has a long and very strong competition record with no losses and many wins. Mr. Steinke started in Judo and Jujitsu under Dr Lee (8th degree blackbelt) in 1992 and continued to train with him until 1999. Mr. Steinke studied Tae Kwon Do under Master Pepin for a year. Mr Steinke assists Reinders Sensei during Judo class and leads Competition Judo class preparing our students for upcoming tournaments. Mr Steinke is currently a 2nd degree blackbelt in Judo and Japanese Jujitsu. The knowledge that Mr Steinke brings to our competition class and to our club in part is what makes our club stand out from the rest. Mr. Steinke is a Nidan in Judo, a Shodan in Jujitsu, and a State Level Coach with USA Judo.

Matt Degrate joined Sempai Judo Academy as an assistant instructor and a competition Coach. He originates from Washington State where he practiced Judo in High School. Mr. Degrate has competition experience ranking from local to international competition and brings a great dedication and outlook to our competition team. Mr. Degrate will not only being coaching, but is also getting back into competing after a hiatus due to an injury. Mr. Degrate is currently a Nidan in Judo and a Regional Level Coach with USA Judo.

Jason Ryba started Judo at age 8 at Norris Jr High under Dr Delo Lee. He continued to train with Dr Lee until Dr Lee retired in 2000 where he started to train at the University of Nebraska at Omaha with their Judo club. Mr Ryba was an assistant instructor for Dr Lee and Mr. Denny during his career and has over 15 years of assistant teaching. Mr. Ryba has 30 years’ experience in Judo and Jujitsu and has plenty of knowledge which he is great about sharing with other students. Mr Ryba loves competition and is a great competition coach for both kids and adults. Mr. Ryba is currently a Nidan in Judo and Jujitsu.

RyanRyan Wolken also started Judo and Jujitsu in 1992 under Dr Lee where he met Reinders Sensei and Mr Steinke. Mr. Wolken was part of the competition team for OPS Judo Club and the Omaha Tae Kwon Do & Judo Club and has over 20 years in the martial arts. Mr. Wolken assists Reinders Sensei in teaching class and runs the class in Reinders Sensei’s absence. Mr. Wolken has earned the respect of everyone he has trained with and taught over his martial arts career and is a valuable asset to our club. Mr. Wolken is currently a Nidan in Judo and Jujitsu.



Mr. Michael Beatty is an instructor and coach for Sempai Judo Academy. He started Judo at age 5 under Dr. Delo Lee and trained with him until 1999 when he received his Shodan (1st Degree black belt) He joined Sempai Judo Academy in August 2015 under Sensei Jason Reinders where he is working towards his Regional Level Coach Certification and his Nidan.





Bob Inness is an instructor for Sempai Judo Academy. He started Judo in 1994 at OPS with Dr. Lee and was recently promoted to Shodan (1st degree black belt)  He runs the kids Judo class when Reinders Sensei is unavailable and is a great asset to the class. Our junior students love working out with him due to his enthusiasm and fun personality. He is a certified State Level Coach with USA Judo and working on his referee certification. Mr. Inness has several years of competition experience and strength training. Mr. Innes is also a 1st Degree brown belt in Japanese Jujitsu (USJA Jujitsu) and a Shodan in Judo.


Jon Ryba HeadshotJon Ryba is one of our assistant instructors for both adult and kids classes. Mr. Ryba stated Judo at age 8 under Dr. Lee at Norris Junior High School and trained with him until 1996 where he achieved a Purple belt which is equivalent to an Nikkyu in senior ranks. After a long hiatus, Mr . Ryba trained and did assistant instructing at University of Nebraska at Omaha under Mike Denny from 2001 – 2002. In 2013 Mr. Ryba joined his former teammates at Sempai Judo Academy and started working towards his Shodan. Mr. Ryba fills in to cover classes when the Reinders Sensei and the competition coaches travel with Team Sempai. Mr. Ryba is currently a Shodan which is earned from Reinders Sensei.




Matt Wilcox is one of our assistant instructorsand assistant coaches. He started Judo in 1993 at OPS Judo with Dr Lee and trained with him until 1999 when Dr. Lee retired. Mr. Wilcox has numerous years of competition experience earning dozens of medals in local and state tournaments. He is currently a certified coach through USA Judo and travels with the team to help coach when available. Recently earned his first degree black belt in Judo under Reinders Sensei and teaches adult class when Sensei is unavailable. Mr. Wilcox is currently a 1st Degree brown belt in Japanese Jujitsu (USJA Jujitsu) and is working hard on his shodan. His goal is now to work on his Nidan and help get the adult competitors ready for local competition.

Hussain Busafar is an assistant instructor at Sempai Judo Academy. Mr. Busafar lives in Kuwait but attends college at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. While attending college he trains and help teach adult and kids classes and has become a great asset. Mr. Busafar was on several National Kuwaiti Judo Teams with International competition experience and is very dedicated in helping our competition team. Mr. Busafar is currently a Nidan in Judo and trying to find time to get back into competing on a regular basis.

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