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At Sempai Judo Academy we believe in teaching a mixture of traditional Kodokan Judo and competition Judo. We follow the kodokan guidelines for rank requirements from techniques to time-in-grade expectations. At Sempai Judo Academy you will have to earn your rank, they cannot be purchased. We have  high expectations for ourselves and our students. Being students of Sensei Dr Lee and O’Sensei Phil Porter we have high expectations to live up to. We have over 200 years experience combined between our instructors and we try and share as much knowledge as the students are capable of learning. Our overall goal is not only to teach Judo and help growth the sport but also to help create confident, respectful, honest leaders for our next generation.

We have a strong competition team that competes as frequently as possible. We currently have the #1 ranked Junior Bantam weight 19kg Jr Olympic Champion, 27 students that hold State Championship Titles, 4 Regional Champions and many that are State/Regional medalist. Of those 27 State Champions, 19 of them are State Champions in multiple states. Our youngest competitor is Samantha, age 5, who is currently #1 Ranked Junior at 19kg, 2014 Jr Olympic Gold Medalist, 2012/2013/2014 Nebraska State Champion, 2012/2013/2014 Iowa State Champion, 2012/2013 Cornhusker State Games Champion, and our oldest competitor is Mr. Bob Inness, age 35, who is 2012 Nebraska State Champion and 2013 Cornhusker State Games Champion.

We are a registered club with USA Judo which is under the United States National Olympic Committee. Our head instructor is currently member of the promotion committee for Nebraska Judo Inc, Treasurer for Nebraska Judo Inc, and President of the Board for Team Sempai Inc.

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