Rank Promotions 4/16/16

Congrats to those students who tested today. You all did great and we are very proud of you! Thank you to all the parents who participated in the potluck and helped keeping it orderly as well!

Grayson Burki – White belt black stripe
Owen Monroe – Yellow belt
Gage Monroe – Yellow belt
Ethan Ingram – Yellow belt
Emma Walton – Yellow belt
Layne McGinnis – Yellow belt
Blake McGinnis – Yellow belt
Cale Houston – Yellow belt
Owen Beatty – Yellow belt black stripe
Shooter – Yellow belt black stripe
Gage Burki – Yellow belt black stripe
Emilie Burki – Yellow belt black stripe
Sammi – Blue belt black stripe
Aleesha Oden – Blue belt black stripe

Also big congrats to Mary Bushong for her Gold and Bronze medal finish today in two divisions! Way to go girl!