Conducting Research Studies about Judo

Kodokan is conducting research studies about Judo. Association for the Scientific Studies on Judo, Kodokan There is a laboratory of the Association for the Scientific Studies on Judo, on the second floor of the Kodokan International Judo Center. Researchers are proceeding with fundamental or applied research of Judo there. Additionally, they conduct cooperative researches and […]

Rank Promotions 4/16/16

Congrats to those students who tested today. You all did great and we are very proud of you! Thank you to all the parents who participated in the potluck and helped keeping it orderly as well! Promotions: Grayson Burki – White belt black stripe Owen Monroe – Yellow belt Gage Monroe – Yellow belt Ethan […]

10th Dan Judo-ka who are engaging in activities

hiro ABE, 10th Dan Yoshimi OSAWA, 10th Dan Toshiro DAIGO, 10th Dan

Kodokan Hall of Fame

More than 130 years have gone since Kodokan Judo started in 1882. Many great Judo-ka have grown up with its history. Here we will introduce outstanding Judo-ka in Kodokan history, including the “Four Demigods of the Kodokan” who supported the first stage of the Kodokan, and the fifteen Judo-ka who got promoted to 10th Dan. […]

The purpose of Judo

udo is loved by all generations. You can see people of all ages from six to over eighty years, and people of all professions, nationalities and sexes enjoying Judo at the Kodokan. They all have their own purposes. Some of them want to be strong, some want to be healthy, some want to strengthen their […]

Nebraska State Cgampionship Results

Congrats to our students who competed yesterday at the Nebraska State Championship. Everyone worked really hard and did great! Aleesha Oden – Gold Logan Risser – Gold Sammi Reinders – Gold Andres Miller – Gold Mackenzie M – Gold Aleeah Trinidad – Gold Gage Burki – Gold Dan Williams – Gold Blake McGinnis – Silver […]

February 2, 2016 – Inclement Weather

All classes for 2/2/16 have been cancelled due to inclement weather. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Junior Rank Promotions

Testing today at Sempai went well! Congrats to the following students on their promotions! Dedication and hard work pays off!!!! Andres Miller-Del Villar-Green Dominic Santora – Orange/stripe Griffin Wilson – Yellow Madeline Wilson – Yellow Mackenzie – Yellow w/stripe Gabby – white w/stripe

Team Gear and Package Prices

Unisex T-Shirt – $10 Lady Fitted T-Shirt – $20 Lady Fitted Tank Top – $20 Rashguard – $35 Hoodies – $40 Warm Up (Complete Set) – $70 Jacket Only – $55 Pants Only – $30 Beanie Winter Stocking – $20 Gym Bag – $40 *$2 per T-Shirt sizes above XL **$5 per Hoodie for sizes […]

What is “Jita-Kyoei”?

Another one I found by Shihan Kano. As long as we coexist, each member of society and the groups organised within must function in harmony and cooperation with the others. Nothing is more important than living prosperously together. If everyone acts with the spirit of mutual cooperation, each person’s work benefits not only himself, but […]