Mikonosuke Kawaishi: Judo Teacher in Europe

Mikonosuke Kawaishi: Judo Teacher in Europe by Tony Papenfuss, PhD (Edited by Neil Ohlenkamp) Mikonosuke Kawaishi was born in Kyoto in 1899, and he died on January 30, 1969 in Paris. He studied jujitsu at the Dai Nippon Butokukai (Greater Japan Association of Martial Virtue) in Kyoto. It is not known exactly what style of […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Judo

Judo is an art that to the outsider could be seen as violent, after all, we are throwing each other into the air and adults even use arm locks and strangle each other until a submission. However, for those that take the time to delve deeper into Judo, they will see a sport that is […]

Washington Post Article by Joan C Williams

Women, work and the art of gender judo When asked at a September fundraiser in San Francisco how she manages as a woman in the Senate, Kirsten Gillibrand explained that most senators are older men, so they see her as a daughter. Rather than dismissing her, they have been helpful and protective, especially when she […]

Judo Training Methods by Kazuzo Kudo

udo uses three types of training method: formal exercises (kata), freestyle fighting (randori), and matches (shiai). In the formal exercises we determine various instances in which defense or attack might be necessary, establish rules for controlling body motion in accordance with correct judo theory, and practice using these set movement rules. We will omit discussions […]

Judo: The Japanese Art of Self Defense By Jigoro Kano

The purpose of my talk is to treat Judo as a culture, physical, mental, and moral — but as it is based on the art of attack and defense, I shall first explain what physical Judo is. In the feudal period of Japan, Judo, then more commonly known as Jujutsu, was practiced by our samurai, […]

Flexibility for Judo and how to stay injury free by Matthew D’Aquino

Flexibility is super super super important in a sport like Judo. Being flexible will help you not only escape a ton of throws and ground work moves, but also help you avoid injury. few years ago I was at a Nic Gregoriades seminar and for the first 30 minutes he went over the importance of […]

The Challenges of Shimewaza: Judo Chokes: by Elie A. Morrell, Shichidan

Shimewaza is probably the most difficult branch of judo to master. Few judo practitioners will ever attain total mastery of shimewaza. Shimewaza attacks must be precise. This requirement must be satisfied, especially if attacking an experienced player. More often than not, a player who submits to an apparent shimewaza has not been attacked properly. The player usually has submitted due […]

Assaulting the Turtle

Hypothesis An opponent tucked into a ball and resting on his knees and elbows is, perhaps, the most difficult Ground Play situation that there is to deal with. I call this the Turtle and any white belt can hold forth on the futility of attacking the Turtle. I know how many Turn Overs and attacks, […]

Nutrition in competitive combat sports – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, MMA by Heri Rakotomalala

Combat sports athletes in judo, MMA or brazilian jiu-jutsu need to develop speed, power as well as higher aerobic capacity. A varied, well-balanced healthy diet makes it easier for athletes to optimize training and increase the succcess in tournaments. However, the diet of a top-level athlete is different from common person to a great extent, […]

11 Reasons Why Martial Arts are Better for your Kids than Team Sports

As a college student I took up Judo. After four years of bi-weekly practice, I was in love with it for life. Recently I have started practicing Judo again after a 6-year hiatus. It was just like riding a bicycle – a lot of the moves just came flowing back to me and were simply […]